Holy Amazeballs!! My readers freaking RAWK! Love you guys so much. Thank you! We got the new release on several best seller lists, with no outside advertising other than FB & Twitter. If you’re a writer, you know this is HUGE!

It’s been hovering around #24 on Hot New Releases, and it’s stuck around the 100 Top Bestsellers in Women’s Psychological Fiction for A WEEK, where it had company by its sisters. Screen shot below shows BOTH books 1(Let Me Go) & 3(Find Me, Keep Me) on the same bestsellers list. Thank you, thank you, thank you… Book 2 is also on the same top 100 list right now too–as an added bonus! I’ve been pinching myself for a week watching these lists!

If you bought the books and read them, this was your doing. Thank you so much for not forgetting about my girls and being so patient!

Now one more thing…go leave a review! Please!!!

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